Any Plumber/Gasfitter should always carry their Trade Qualification Tickets and documents, to prove their worth. A tradesman that can’t or won’t should never be hired to do any work on your home. If the tradesman doesn’t have proper certificates, licensing or bonding. You risk loosing your investment and possibly even your lives. Floods, fires, shocks or even asphyxiation are things that should all be at the top of your “safety list” when choosing a licensed contractor that is confident and contentious. Your insurance will also be nun and void as a result of poor contractor choice. Be informed and aware!

I have been working in my trade as a Plumber Gasfitter for close to 30 years. In that time I worked for my Grandfather, A Master Plumber from England, a large mechanical firm from Richmond. I then worked for a two other companies in the Okanagan before setting out on my own in 1996 (DTP Plumbing & Heating). I sold that company in the fall of 2007, much to the dismay of my many customers. I have also worked for our own School district 23 in the Okanagan for two and a half  years until their budget was cut by our beloved Government, and about 39 support staff were laid off. Most of wich were hard working, dedicated Men & Women. Being that I only had about one months notice, I had to muster the courage to start up another company once again. I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed back by the community with open arms. Even though the Westside has grown since I last left it to pursue other opportunities. It still remains close to my heart. I think the Westside is a great place to live and bring up a family.


For those who haven’t guessed by now, my name is Dean. I was born in a small town In England called Balham, and brought to Canada when I was only 2 years old. All though I don’t have a permanent English accent, I can however take the Mickey out of almost any Englishman, Scotsman or Irishman. It’s never come in handy yet, accept for a laugh now and then. I grew up mostly in the lower mainland around Vancover, where I met and married my beautiful and talented wife Lori of 30 +  years. We have 4 wonderful children, Pearl, Charlotte, Claire and Reid. We moved to the Okanagan in the spring of 1990 and soon settled into a nice neighbourhood called Glenrosa. I like welding, woodworking, and 3D archery shoots in our local area. We go to our local Peachland archery club on Thursday nights and shoot with some local legends.