Here are a few of our recommended leading brands we install:

Our newest product we are featuring is the Bradford White hot water tank with Icon series gas valve. It delivers superior technology with excellent diagnostic and trouble shooting for the you and the technician. The High Efficient John Wood Pro series Hot Water Tank is also a good value. The Navien 98% efficient Instant Hot water heaters, lead the way on efficiency technology and ease of operation, we sell and service these recommended brands of appliances.

A word about water conservation

Tired of flushing your hard earned money down the toilet & wasting our precious resources in the process? Stop using that old water hog of a toilet, save your money that you’re giving away to the utilities, and upgrade to a low flush toilet! Most of the low flush toilet now-a-days use only 3L of water per flush, but they use a much larger flapper valve, so less water goes down quickly. The toilet fills quicker too. Did you know that a older toilet will flush over 13L or 2.5 Gallons of water per flush. The New Style of Low flush toilets will flush 3L perfectly every time! That’s 10 Letres less than an old one!  Your wallet will love you!