How do I keep my furnace running efficiently?

Make sure the furnace is cleaned regularly, dust free. Change the filters about every 3-4 months. If equipped with oil ports, oil all motors (3 drops per bearing/ year)

What if my water heater leaks?

Turn the water and gas off to the unit or turn the power off right away. Then call me to set up an appointment to have it checked and or replaced.

My pipes are making a big noise!

When P.R.V’s fail. They sometimes make very loud or strange noises. Some times they just make things leak. Like washing machine hoses, hot water tanks, dish washers and even toilets. They typically last about 5-10 years. Have your pressure checked every 5 years to be safe.

How do I tell if my furnace heat exchanger is ok?

Close all the floor registers, then run your furnace. keep a close eye on the flames as the main blower comes on. if you see the flames rolling around or coming back out the front of the furnace. you may have a cracked heat exchanger.

What do i do if I smell gas?

Go outside immediately. Call Fortis. They will direct you what to do next.

How long should my furnace last?

Furnaces can last a very long time. I have pulled out furnaces as old as 70 years. Most last 35-45 years, unless there is a crack in the heat exchanger.

How long do Hot water tanks last?

If they are gas HWT’s approx. 8-12 years depending on water pressure. If they are Electric HWT’s approx. 10-15 years depending on water pressure.

What type of toilet should I buy?

No less than a 6 L. Preferably a one button/leaver flush. Something with a good size water reservoir in the bowl (to prevent streaking).

Why does my toilet tank sweat?

In the winter time, the water coming into the tank is near freezing. When you combine that with a warm room temperature. You get water vapour that condenses on the tank.

Why do my pipes bang?

When you have an automatic valve like a washing machine or a dishwasher. They shut off quickly, causing what we refer to as “water hammer”. It’s caused by full flow in the pipes, followed by a sudden shut off. The wave of water will hit the valve and then bounce back violently.

Why do my pipes tick, tick, tick, when I run water?

It is called thermal expansion. When pipes are heated or cooled they expand or shrink. If they are nailed or clipped to the joists too tight, they rub the wood and tick a lot.

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